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Automated takeoff and electrical estimating software

With Kreo 2D Takeoff, you can automate routine tasks and bring your favourite productivity tools together so that you can speed up measurements and produce your takeoffs and BOQs in a built-in online spreadsheet.

✅ Clear and affordable pricing

The product's pricing information is available on the website and does not require any additional user requests, form submissions or confirmations. 

✅ Fast and high-quality technical support

Forget about creating tickets on support forums or writing long emails. Support chat is right in the app. Have a question? Is something not working properly?
Simply chat with us 😉

✅ Free 7-day trial

Try the product at your own pace during a 1-week free trial. Competent customer support and free onboarding sessions are included. 

Auto count
and manual count

Auto Count analyzes the whole drawing and shows all elements similar to the item you need to count.

Find identical objects
Find same text

Flexible way
to create reports

Creating reports has never been easier.
We provide you with an Excel-like spreadsheet with all basic features: links, functions, formulas, etc.

Flexible spreadsheet
Export to Excel

Automate the process
with each new project

Try our robust project templates, presets for quantities and other features.

Templates for projects
Import Excel files

Which trades is
the application suitable for?


Count all of your fittings
in seconds

Auto Count helps to find all identical and similar elements on a drawing. It also takes into account colours of symbols to provide the best accurancy.


Affordable pricing


£ 19.99


per month 

£ 17.86


SAVE 11%

per month (paid annually)

❌ Unlimited users
♾️ Unlimited projects
♾️ Unlimited storage
❌ Team access
❌ Integrations
❌ API access


£ 15.99


per month / per user 

£ 14.28

SAVE 11%


per month / per user (paid annually)

♾️ Unlimited users
♾️ Unlimited projects
♾️ Unlimited storage
✅ Team access
❌ Integrations
❌ API access

to customers

Full account setup

Our team always helps to automate your workflow in the most suitable way

24/7 Support

We grant timely support with customers’ issues being solved within several hours

Free demos every day

Training and onboarding sessions are free and unlimited in number

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